How it all Began...

"2020 was A LOT for all of us and we all have our own experiences from it. Mine was that my wedding was set to be in Europe, but then the boarders closed to Americans. The EU decided to open it and I felt there was still some hope until the U.S numbers spiked again... they re-closed leaving me with no choice but to postpone. After reaching out to our vendors, all except our venue agreed to 2021. They could not afford to move us out another year so we lost all that money. On top of that, I had friends show true colors, my mother lost her job & was living with us while trying to cope with the emotions from the wedding. I was not myself.

After having a lot of hurdles, I was desperate to get out of my head and to focus my energy on something else. As a fresh start, I lit sage all thru out my house and had one last cry. The next day I felt really good. I don't know if it was the placebo effect, but I had a clear mind. All day I tried thinking of something for me to focus my energy on and I am not kidding when I say that this entire image popped into my head. I was BEYOND excited and immediately started researching. After a lot of trials, I finally had my line of candles created.

The idea behind the candles is to focus on the positivity of life and to do something that you haven't already before it's too late. We really don't know what can happen at any moment so try living your life to its fullest. The time you light the candle is the time to act on its goal. Everything you want in life is right outside your comfort zone and I am a true testament to that. Please enjoy these. My heart and soul are in every jar."
- Desiree