Eat Dessert First

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- Soy/ Paraffin Natural Blend Wax
- High Quality Fragrance Oils (strong scents)
- Notes of Carrot Cake, Cookie & Butter Cream
- Amber Jars with Black Lids
- Natural Environmental Friendly Wooden Wicks
- 8.0 oz Candles
- Stamped Clock with Black Ink

Height: 3.5" Diameter: 3.06"

Perfect for any room in your house. Within half an hour your desired room will give off an abundance of fragrance. These candles are made for a powerful heat throw.

*Over 30 hours of burn time!

Back Label:

"Each wick represents your life and being in the present moment. These candles are made for you to try something you’ve either been putting off, to accomplish a goal, or for you to just check something off your bucket list. Once lit, the clock is ticking! Challenge yourself to try something before the wick reaches the end.
Remember…life’s too short!"

Care Instructions:

- This wick is not pre-cut. Upon each burn, trim wick 1/4"
- Allow candle to burn for 3-4 hours each use
- Keep candles out of reach of children/pets & away from drafts or vents
- When there is 1/4 of candle left, clean out jar & re-use!

Customer Reviews

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Very sweet!

I love this scent but my room isn't very big, This is as sweet as maple syrup.

I definitely only burn this candle once in a while because I get hungry! haha!
I do love it though. It's a beautiful candle.