Get Married
(Berry, Vanilla & Musk)

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Notes of: Berry, Vanilla & Musk

This candle can be completely customized for upcoming weddings . The perfect favor for all guests. Want more information? Simply email,

- Soy/ Paraffin Natural Blend Wax
- High Quality Fragrance Oils (strong scents)
- Silver/Black/White Colors
- Natural Environmental Friendly Wooden Wicks
- 6oz Paint Can Candles that are currently available (1/2 Pint) 
- Stamped Clock with Black Ink
*Perfect for any room in your house. Within half an hour your desired room with give off an abundance of fragrance. These candles are made for a powerful heat throw.

Back Label:
"Each wick represents your life and being in the present moment. These candles are made for you to try something you’ve either been putting off, to accomplish a goal, or for you to just check something off your bucket list. Once lit, the clock is ticking! Challenge yourself to try something before the wick reaches the end.
Remember…life’s too short!"

Care Instructions:
- Upon each burn, trim wick 1/4"
- Allow candle to burn for 3-4 hours each use
- Keep candles out of reach of children/pets & away from drafts or vents
- When there is 1/4 of candle left, clean out jar & re-use!

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Get Married <br> (Berry, Vanilla & Musk)


My fiancé and I came to Desiree at the start of March with a simple idea and she made it the absolute best thing we have ever done! We worked side by side and created a custom scent as well as a custom name and design for our wedding candles for this June! Desiree was above and beyond caring, compassionate, and attentive to detail in everything! She was an absolute dream to work with, and I would recommend her to anyone for any candle needs!!